Monday, 16 September 2013

Things you need to ask house painters Ryde before hiring them

While you hire house colour professionals or from Blacktown you need to become sure about certain things before they start working. Such information will help you to develop a basic idea about the project they are going to undertake, how they will execute it, how much time they will take to complete it and also how much you will have to expend.

Preparation: Sometimes before paint house’s exterior walls need to be washed well. Such power washing helps to remove dusts, webs, mildew, lose peeling of existing paints, etc. Thereafter to remove previous paint completely sanding, scrapping and caulking is also essential. Such steps of washing and scrapping by painters Ryde or Blacktown is done in order to keep the wall clean. On a clean wall paints appear bright and beautiful and does not come out or fade away easily even after considerable amount of time.

Paint Quality: Before you allow your house painters Blacktown to take up your work, ask them about the kind of paint they are using. The quality and brand of the paints they use will affect the entire quality of work. Tell them not to use inferior quality local products. Rather ask them to use the better quality paints even though they might cost just a little more.

Number of coats: When you hire a professional painter Blacktown it is most likely your painter would apply a single coat of primer before putting two coats of the paint. However, in certain situations where existing colour scheme matched with the new one so just keep the paint restricted to one coat. In such case they must charge lesser amount. Hence, you must ask them about number of coats they will apply and what charges will they make for that.

Status of workers: When painter Blacktown contractors send their own employees to paint your house you can remain assured about the good quality of work. However, if they are temporary painters then they might not paint so well. Therefore, insist that the painters Blacktown send their permanent employees for painting your house so that you can remain assured about the standard of their work.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Industrial painting Sydney contractors for plastic painting

It is a common experience for many that painting a plastic surface is not a that easy task. More than the technique of painting it requires a special kind of paint which is not so easily available in the market. However, the industrial colouring service providers have the perfect knowledge about such paints. They also have the knowledge for painting the plastic surfaces with such special paints. This makes most industrialists hire them because need for painting plastic surfaces is nowadays much common in various industries.

Various processes: There are several ways for painting plastic surfaces using different types of paints. The most common techniques used by the industrial painting Sydney contractors are wet coat painting, robotic painting and paint lines. These methods are discussed below in brief. Wet coat painting: This type of painting involves a process quite similar to that of spray painting. Most professional industrial painting Sydney contractors use this method instead of the powder coating method. They choose the wet coat method rather than powder coating method because of in the powder coating technique special preparations are required.

Another reason why the wet coating is preferred over powder coating is that the high temperature resistant plastics like nylon in combination with the powder coatings are required. In this method preheating is often needed. On the other hand wet coat painting does not call for such complex preparation and hence, many industrial painters Sydney use this method. The wet coat painting method has another advantage which is its larger applicability than other similar kinds of painting process.

Robotic painting: Technology has advanced such that robotics is also being used for the purpose of painting. When plastic painting is required many cheap painters Sydney are using the robotics technology in the form of robotic painters. The robotic painting is especially helpful for painting complex plastic parts. It also helps to avoid excess spraying of the paint. Thus, this method of painting is cost saving as well.

Paint lines: This technology is also used by the cheap painters Sydney for providing better painting at a rapid pace. This is a semi-robotic method of painting. Therefore, in this method the speed of robotic technology is merged with perfection of human painters.